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Ted Walk


The logo for my web page was inspired by this tatty looking bear in the image, Ted.
This is probably the closest thing we have to a pet. 
Originally belonging to my wife, Victoria, it was naturally passed on to our son, Bobby when he was born.
It has never left his side and has been absolutely everywhere with him.
Once lost and then found on a journey to the USA, it represents the true, unconditional love of a toy. 
It may not be the most expensive, latest action figure but the bond with it is unparalleled.
It's bobbly, knotted clumps of fibre that give to it's tatty appearance tell tales of soft toy adventures, clashes with lesser loved teds and years and years of excessive cuddling.
There are many toys and action figures within my gallery but to my son, Ted is everything. 
Have you ever tried posing a bear that's full of tiny beads ? Not easy ! 


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