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Welcome to Photoy72.

My name is Paul Massey, a photographer from Stockton Heath, Cheshire with a passion for action figures, quirky toys and creating a world in which they can live through digital photography.

My son, Bobby would fill the house with his toys, mainly Lego and Thomas The Tank Engines. Now and again I would take a photo of them in amusing situations and they would get a few laughs on social media.

Fast forward to 2020 and I have created an ever growing profile of toy art that has been recognised by The Wonderfactory, an exclusive pop art gallery based in Singapore.

In late 2019 I was commissioned to create 18 images for a collaboration between The WonderFactory and Herocross Toy Company using Disney/Pixar Licensed Toys from the Toy Story brand. 

Some of my images created will be used to promote Herocross Toys and potential pieces of art at the Shangai Toy Fair. 

I am part of a worldwide community especially on Instagram where I have made some very good friends who all share the same passion for toy photography and inspire me everyday. 

During mid summer I was also chosen as 1 of 100 photographers worldwide to take part in The Exclu Class 2020, a collection of toy photographers from all over the globe. 

There are no rules with toy photography, it's an amazing hobby and your imagination is it's only limitation.

Most of my images are for sale, printed at a pro colour lab.

I also have a range of  awesome T-SHIRTS available from my website store.

Thanks so much for visiting my site and please do feel free to contact me or leave feedback before you check out....and remember, it's compulsory to grow old, but optional to grow up.


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